1. Kenya – Kitui
  2. Ivory Coast – Wale Health Center
  3. Sierra Leone – Makeni Nursery School
  4. Kenya – Eastland College of Technology
  5. Tanzania – Mvimwa
  6. D.R. Congo – Forfait Mama (2015-2016)
  7. D.R. Congo – Teacher Training Liziba School (2015-2016)
  8. Tanzania – Zanzibar Itinerant Cinema Festival
  9. Botswana – Motse Motheo Nursing School (2015-2016)
  10. Cameroon – Tiama Infant School


Local Partner:  Diocese of Kitui

Beneficiaries: The Hospital serves about 100,000 people

Harambee Contribution:  20,000 Euros

The project looks to support two missionary hospitals, Muthale and Mutomo, in the diocese of Kitui. In particular, Mutomo Mission Hospital is located 75 km from Kitui and is difficult to access because of its inadequate structure. It has 120 beds and provides emergency services, ultrasound radiology, laboratory, pharmacy as well as routine medical visits.

One of the problems faced by the medical team is being able to provide drinking water. For this reason, the project seeks to build a well-equipped electric pump. At the same time, the operating room is located in a place that lacks the necessary requirements and is very poorly equipped.
In the course of the project, they have foreseen a volunteer experience for medical students, coordinated by the Polish Harambee Committee.

Project Includes:

  • Building a well for the Hospital

Ivory Coast

Improvements to Wale Health Center

Local Sponsor:  Asociación Ivoirienne pour la Formation Professionnelle et Universitaire –AIFUP: A not-for-profit oganisation for raising health standards in the general population by setting up health centres and training staff.

Beneficiaries: 700 young mothers;  200 babies; 25 Paramedics.

Harambee Contribution: 25.000 Euros

Description: In Ivory Coast it is estimated that more than 80,000 children under 5 die each year from illnesses that could be prevented by improved nutrition and hygiene. Malaria is the main cause of death, followed by gastrointestinal and respiratory infections. Ignorance of hygiene and nutrition have a terrible impact on the population. Additionally, in view of the importance of health professionals, their training needs updating.
Therefore the aim of the project is to support Walé Health Centre in Yamoussoukro, which for the past ten years has been offering accessible medical assistance to the poorer sectors of the population, to reduce the number of illnesses related to poor sanitation and malnutrition.

The project includes:

  • Hygiene and nutrition training for 700 mothers
  • Support for 200 babies under 6 months old (feeding kits, vaccines, regular health checks)
  • Training courses for 25 paramedics.

Sierra Leone

Makeni Nursery School

Local partner: Puente de la Humanidad (“Humanity Bridge”) NGO: This NGO was founded by volunteers in the Diocesis of Albano Lazio (Province of Rome) to support and help missionary work in a village in Sierra Leone

Beneficiaries:  50 children of both sexes from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, the residents in outlying parts of Makeni, and their families will benefit from support and accompanying.

Harambee Contribution:  20,000 Euros

Description: Makeni Nursery School is located in the outskirts of the town of Makeni and is the only place where pre-school children can gather and socialise, in a country where 42% of the population is under 14 years of age. In the post-Ebola period, it is particularly important for people to return to normal life and share things with others; and also for increased support to families, to help them respond adequately to their children’s educational and health needs. In this context strengthening structures is the first step towards improving and broadening services for children and their families.

The project includes:

  • Improvements to the equipment and installations of the kitchen and canteen
  • Improvement and purchase of school furniture
  • Purchase of educational toys
  • Development of teaching activities for 8 hours daily
  • Nutrition and healthcare programme


Eastland College of Technology Development Project

Local Partner:  Strathmore Educational Trust: A not-for-profit organisation working for educational initiatives in Kenya since 1960.

Beneficiaries:   240 young people per year,  10 academic bursaries

Harambee Contribution:  25.000 Euros.

Description: In Kenya over 67% of the unemployed are young people, 90% of whom have no formal training. There is a wide gulf between the skills demanded by the market and the type of training offered by educational centres. The informal small-business sector employs nearly nine in every ten workers in the private sector, to strengthen productivity. Therefore helping workers to move into the formal sector would increase employment, improve access to credit, and contribute to the growth of the GNP. To meet these needs Strathmore set up Eastlands College of Technology in 2003, and since then it has offered professional training in the field of electronics and communications technology to over 5,000 youths from deprived backgrounds and unemployed people.
The current aim is to broaden the training on offer through a course covering the final 3 years of electronic technology and electrical engineering, and an advanced diploma in Certified Information Communication Technology which enables students to apply to university degree courses. Therefore the aim of the project is to support the College in setting up new courses.

The project includes:

  • Provision of technical equipment and teaching
  • Purchase of books for the library
  • Partial grants for 10 deserving students


Action for Mvimwa

Local Partner:  “Blusas Rossi” (Red Blouses) Association: A not-for-profit association for training and international cooperation especially for the benefit of African countries

Beneficiaries:  6 students selected to run the Centre; 20,000 people in the villages near the Abbey who will benefit from the Centre’s work.

Harambee Contribution: 25.000 Euro

Description: The Benedictine Abbey of Mvimwa (belonging to the Congregation of Saint Otilia) is located in Sumbawanga Province in Rukwa, Tanzania. Sumbawanga covers an area of 3,000 hectares, and includes ten farming villages, a primary school for 600 children, a secondary school for 1,200 pupils, eleven teacher-training colleges, a electricians’ training-school with 60 graduates per year, a mechanics’ training-school, and one medical dispensary for the whole area.
This project, therefore, aims to support Mvimwa Abbey in becoming a reference-point for the district, with a specialised college offering training in setting up small businesses.

The project includes:

  • Implementation of a training programme for the staff who will run the Centre
  • Hardware for the Centre

Democratic Republic of Congo

Mother Care Project

Local partner:  Hospital Monkole: Monkole currently cares for over 80,000 per year, 48,000 of whom are women, and 70% of them live in extreme poverty in the Mont-Ngafula district of Kinshasa.

Beneficiaries:  400 young women and their babies.

Harambee Contribution: 40.000 Euro.

Description: DR Congo comes near the bottom of the Index of Human Development, because of successive wars and epidemics, political instability, corruption and absence of opportunities for education. Maternal mortality, neonatal and infant mortality rates are the highest in the world: what health centres exist, do not have the personnel or equipment to help mothers and babies, and cannot afford to provide any later care. This project aims to lower the infant and maternal mortality rate by supporting three clinics (Eliba, Kimbondo and Moluka) working in remote and inaccessible areas.

The project includes:

  • Prenatal examinations for 400 young women
  • Malaria vaccination for 200 pregnant women
  • Anaemia treatment for 200 pregnant women
  • Providing resources for 100 natural births and 20 caesarians
  • Care of 40 newborns in the Neonatal Unit at Monkole.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Teacher Training in Liziba School

Local Partner: Association Africaine pour l’Education et l’Instruction –AFEDI.

Beneficiaries: 25 teachers and 250 pupils

Harambee Contribution: 40.000 Euro

Description: The Democratic Republic of the Congo has between 65 million and 81 million inhabitants. 10 million live in the capital, Kinshasa, of whom 40% are aged under 20. Education is therefore a priority, but the government does not have the resources to provide everything needed. There is a lack of infrastructure, teaching materials, and trained teachers.

This project aims to support Liziba School in bringing its teachers’ competences up to standard.

The project includes:

  • Training for 25 teachers
  • Improving the teaching and IT resources
  • Purchase of a bus to enable students to travel in to school


Zanzibar Itinerant Cinema Festival

Local Partner: Media for Peace: Three organizations (Africafriends, Signis Service Rome, and Peace Words) have formed a network whose aim is to work for peace by incentivizing the sharing of knowledge and strengthening of rights by developing the media and audiovisual projects in African states that are experiencing conflict or are currently transitioning from a state of armed or social conflict; and that are most affected by economic, cultural and social isolation and recession.

Beneficiaries: At least 600 people per filmshow (65% young people and women) in the villages of Nungwui, Dunga, Kitogani, Fujoni and Unguja, on Zanzibar.

Harambee Contribution: 3.000 Euro.

Description: For the past eighteen years the island of Zanzibar has hosted a major East African film festival. For nine days each July the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) offers a feast of African film, music and art to locals and visitors from abroad. Socio-educational films are also shown in some rural locations, each watched by some 800 people, especially young people and women, for whom the film projection becomes a social gathering.
The aim of this project is to promote and support these educational events and contribute to the social and cultural development of the women and young people of Zanzibar.

The project includes:

  • Organising 5 filmshows per year in each of 5 designated villages
  • A total of 25 itinerant filmshows, each with an audience of 600 to 800 people.
  • Training a project director and 3 assistants to fulfil the aims of the project competently


Motse Motheo Nursery school

Local Partner: Institute for the Family Trust – IFAM: IFAM sets up and runs schools in order to provide quality education working closely with pupils’ families.

Beneficiaries: In the first year: 27 children

Harambee Contribution: 20.000 Euro.

Description: IFAM sets up and runs schools in order to provide quality education working closely with pupils’ families.
Motse Motheo School aims to offer nursery schooling in Botswana in an atmosphere that will favour learning, play and exploration to develop their skills.

The project includes:

  • Building the classrooms
  • School equipment and educational materials
  • Training the teachers


Tiama Infant School

Local Partner: Ecole Famille Education Integrale –EFEDI: EFEDI works for integral education for young people through setting up and running schools.

Beneficiaries: 75 pre-school children

Harambee Contribution: 33.557 Euro.

Description: In Cameroon more and more families are unable pay for their children’s education. At the same time the schools are not in a position to tackle this challenge. It has become apparent that school and family need to work together for the good of the upcoming generations.
The aim of the project is to create an infant school next to Tiama School in Yaoundé, run by the Parents’ Association.

The project includes:

  • Building classrooms, offices and playground;
  • Teacher training courses;
  • School equipment and materials.