Harambee USA Foundation has partnered with Kinshasa-based Monkole Hospital Nursing School, Institut Supèrieur en Sciences Infirmières (ISSI), to subsidize the four-year education of at least 10 nursing students through the Harambee USA Foundation Nursing Scholarship Program.

The challenging Monkole Hospital Nursing School program is ranked number one in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where annual healthcare spending is $24 per capita. Sadly, most of the school’s qualified applicants are turned away because they cannot afford the tuition.

The Harambee USA Foundation Nursing Scholarship Program enables carefully selected students to become full-fledged nurses trained to deliver high-quality professional care. The annual sponsorship cost for one student is $1,400. This covers 75% of one year’s tuition. Monkole Hospital Nursing School and the students show their commitment to the Scholarship Program by contributing the balance.

Harambee USA Foundation relies on generous donors like you to fund its annual commitment to our Scholarship students!