A world of hope behind a single word

Harambee is a Swahili word with complex meanings. Its closest translation in English is “all together for one”.  A Harambee is an action; there is a will, an energy and strength behind it. It signifies the work of a whole community. The invitation to “do Harambee” is an extension, in a certain sense, of membership into the African community.

Education at the core of the Harambee Network


The Harambee network of non-profit organizations was born “so that there would be less poverty every day, less ignorance, less doubt, less desperation, less insecurity, fewer wars, more charity and more peace” – St Josemaria Escrivá.

Education is the secret to true human development. To educate means more than just having schools. It means to plant seeds of solid personal achievement; to look upon each human being as a whole, with physical, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions. That’s why in Harambee, we say “Don’t build schools, build character.” Only in this way can we unearth the full human capacity of every man, woman and child to help forge dreams into reality and ambition into achievements.

Only Africans can determine the future of Africa…but they need a hand


The African continent is often viewed as an international “problem to solve” by other, more developed countries. This distorted understanding has often led to misguided solutions proposed from the outside without taking into consideration the enormous diversity of talent and resources within independent African nations.

Only self-aware and well educated Africans, together with an international community respectful of Africa’s unique culture and potential can thoroughly and permanently improve the continent’s future.  Support from Harambee promotes self-determination, strength of character and hope for Africa’s most important natural resource; its people.