Sending Nursing students back to school

It’s Fall - the perfect time of year to raise tuition funds for aspiring nursing students in D.R. Congo! On November 1st, a lively crowd of wine enthusiasts gathered at Alderton House to enjoy Sommelier Elisa Cry'e’s entertaining wine presentation before sampling the fine vintages with paired food tastings. Generous donors pulled out their phones and wallets to give more than $7,700. The funds will help the nurse students advance another semester in their pursuit of Bachelor degrees. In impoverished D.R. Congo, where healthcare spending is less than $25 per person, the graduates will have a tremendous impact on their communities.

We thank our generous donors and benefactors, and we’re just $10,000 short of our $56,000 goal to cover four years’ tuition for all 10 students. With everyone’s help, we hope to reach the finish line soon!

June 28th - Women in African Development

On June 28th, Harambee USA hosted an event to raise funds for the poor pregnant women and their infants in D.R. Congo. Supporters and benefactors listened to our invited speaker, Dr. Muthoni Ngatia, World Bank economist, talk about "Women in African Development".   She ended her talk by emphasizing the need to reduce mortality rates among expectant mothers as one avenue of improving women's overall well-being in developing countries.  An effective response is improved pre-natal care through such targeted initiatives as Forfait Mama.

The Forfait Mama program operated through Monkole Hospital, D.R. Congo, underwrites pre and post natal healthcare packages for impoverished mothers and their newborns.  Each Forfait Mama package of medicines, scans, lab test and post natal check-ups costs $120.  Please view our Harambee Forfait Mama Youtube clip in the “videos” section of our website.

We thank all who attended our social benefit and encourage all to learn more about our projects.


Harambee Dinner in White Plains

On Feb 23, 2019, I hosted a small gathering of friends to introduce them to Harambee USA’s mission and share a celebration of African culture. Guests raved about the tasty Ethiopian dishes I had prepared and purchased: sambosa (appetizer), Injera (flat bread), Kitfo (beef), Doro tibs (chicken) and Fasolia (vegetables). Afterwards, Susan Trammell, another board member, and I gave short presentations about the educational, jobs training and healthcare projects that Harambee USA is helping to fund in Africa with our on-the-ground partners there. The evening raised $2,700 which will cover the cost of one year’s tuition for an aspiring nursing student in D.R. Congo, two students to attend a learning module at an agriculture school in Cameroon, and one pre-natal care package of an expectant mother in D.R. Congo. Not bad for an evening of fun and fellowship among people like you and me who want to Make a Difference in the lives of people and communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Harambee!!

~Isabel Macalintal


Monkole Nursing School Director visits Mt Sinai Hospital

Nicole Muyulu, Nursing Director of Monkole Hospital Nursing School in D.R. Congo, visited New York’s Mt Sinai Hospital on December 7, 2018. Nicole met with nursing staff and directors, who have been active supporters of Harambee USA Foundation Nursing Scholarship Program. The program provides almost full four-year tuition to aspiring nursing students in the impoverished central African country. Nicole updated donors with a video and live presentation on the latest developments in the school. Participants engaged her in an enthusiastic discussion, which left them impressed with the school’s high standards and furthered their solidarity with sponsored students.

If you would like to be part of our exciting Program initiative, click here.

Oct 5th Benefit Social raised Scholarship for 5 Nursing Students

Harambee USA Foundation’s Nursing Scholarship Program hosted a fund-raiser on Oct. 5, 2018 at Alderton House, NYC to support ten nursing students in D.R. Congo’s Monkole Hospital Nursing school. The event attracted many professionals from the medical field, including four nursing leaders from Mount Sinai Hospital, as they felt a solidarity with the nursing students in D.R. Congo. Nurse Practitioner and Harambee Board member, Johanna Valiquette, who is spearheading the efforts, presented a compelling story showing videos and photos of the Nursing school and the 10 nursing students who rely on the generosity of donors and supporters here in the US. The evening secured funding to cover 1 year’s tuition for 5 of the 10 students. The program has raised half of the $56,000 goal which covers 4 years of scholarship for 10 students at $1,400 per year per student. We invite supporters to continue to join us in this worthy mission. Harambee!


Although many had never tried their hand at painting before, 17 wannabe artists attended “Paint Night", an interactive fundraiser sponsored by Harambee USA. The benefit was held on Sept 14, 2018 at Stone Creek Bar in New York. The enthusiastic group was expertly guided by Ms SoJung Kim, a professional artist, in painting an African themed landscape. Everyone got to bring home their prized artwork, and participants clamored for another Paint Night that would include African food and music. Proceeds of the event will support the Harambee USA Foundation. Many thanks to our attendees and supporters as well as volunteers (Shu, Emily and Vangie) who did so much to make our first Paint Night a special and fun evening.
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Harambee USA finds 5 more sponsors for Nursing Scholarship

On Friday, June 1st, the Harambee USA Foundation Nursing Scholarship Program raised funds to cover one year’s tuition for five aspiring nurse students in Democratic Republic of Congo. The “educational” evening of wine-tasting and student testimonials was held at Alderton House, New York City. The benefit gave program supporters a chance to further their knowledge of fine wines – and the difficulties of becoming a nurse in DR Congo, which is struggling to recover from a six-year civil war. 

Fittingly, sommelier Elisa Crye introduced vintages from the Cape Winelands of South Africa, as well as Spain and France. Johanna Valiquette, NP, and Isabel Macalintal, who are members of the Scholarship Committee, presented video testimonies of sponsored students and some of their teachers at Monkole Hospital Nursing School in Kinshasa. Then the floor was open to live donations and pledges. Caring individuals and donor-teams pooled funds to enable five nurses-in-training to complete another year of schooling.

The program aims to cover the four-year tuition of 10 carefully selected scholarship recipients. Because the program is staffed by volunteers, 100% of donations go directly to the Monkole Nursing School on behalf of students.

Save the date! The Nursing Scholarship Program will hold its annual benefit on Friday, October 5, in New York. 

Are you someone who’s willing to make a life-changing difference in others’ lives? Click here to help another student fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse in DR Congo!

Harambee: Cooking is Culture!

Harambee USA hosted an evening of tasty Senegalese cooking at Alderton House, NYC on April 27.  Fifteen people dined on appetizer Fataya (fried dough with fish filling) and freshly prepared Thiebou Ginaar (stewed chicken with rice) prepared by volunteer cook Amie, who regaled the guests with anecdotes of her early life in Senegal.  Her audience laughed when she said that her American born children preferred macaroni-and-cheese over her authentic dishes. Every bit of food at the dinner disappeared. The event is part of Harambee's mission of raising awareness of the rich African culture in the US. (see more photos)

South African Tutorial Program Judged a Success

Harambee is pleased to report that the Self-Leadership Tutorial Program at Protea  Glen High School, Soweto, underwritten by Harambee in collaboration with the Komati Foundation, appears to have led to improved student outcomes.
Twenty-two (22) leadership sessions were held with 10th, 11th and 12th grade students throughout the 2017 academic year. The tutors were primarily graduate students from the Wits School of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering in Johannesburg.


Through these university mentors, the high schoolers were introduced to role models who are successfully navigating the rigors of higher education. Sessions were also dedicated to improving non-cognitive skills, such as creating mind maps that serve as a basis of mastering new information and acquiring such time management tools as preparing daily activity schedules.
Although there are many factors that can impact scholastic performance, it is reasonable to assume that the Self-Leadership Tutorial Program played a part in these outcomes:

Grade 11 – scholastic average performance was significantly better than that of Grade 11 peers across Soweto high schools
Grade 12 – eight students gained access to university, a number significantly higher than the average for high schools in Soweto.
The participants were grateful that Harambee afforded them the chance to be better students, improve their work ethic and act more responsibly as young adults. One student attested, “Thanks to Harambee, I am a better student because now I get better marks in physical sciences and I am also doing well with my other subjects.”

Going forward, there may be plans to educate the parents of Protea Glen High School students so that they become more involved in the education of their children.