Harambee Dinner in White Plains

On Feb 23, 2019, I hosted a small gathering of friends to introduce them to Harambee USA’s mission and share a celebration of African culture. Guests raved about the tasty Ethiopian dishes I had prepared and purchased: sambosa (appetizer), Injera (flat bread), Kitfo (beef), Doro tibs (chicken) and Fasolia (vegetables). Afterwards, Susan Trammell, another board member, and I gave short presentations about the educational, jobs training and healthcare projects that Harambee USA is helping to fund in Africa with our on-the-ground partners there. The evening raised $2,700 which will cover the cost of one year’s tuition for an aspiring nursing student in D.R. Congo, two students to attend a learning module at an agriculture school in Cameroon, and one pre-natal care package of an expectant mother in D.R. Congo. Not bad for an evening of fun and fellowship among people like you and me who want to Make a Difference in the lives of people and communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Harambee!!

~Isabel Macalintal