June 28th - Women in African Development

On June 28th, Harambee USA hosted an event to raise funds for the poor pregnant women and their infants in D.R. Congo. Supporters and benefactors listened to our invited speaker, Dr. Muthoni Ngatia, World Bank economist, talk about "Women in African Development".   She ended her talk by emphasizing the need to reduce mortality rates among expectant mothers as one avenue of improving women's overall well-being in developing countries.  An effective response is improved pre-natal care through such targeted initiatives as Forfait Mama.

The Forfait Mama program operated through Monkole Hospital, D.R. Congo, underwrites pre and post natal healthcare packages for impoverished mothers and their newborns.  Each Forfait Mama package of medicines, scans, lab test and post natal check-ups costs $120.  Please view our Harambee Forfait Mama Youtube clip in the “videos” section of our website.

We thank all who attended our social benefit and encourage all to learn more about our projects.