What Harambee USA does is more than an act of charity for a people in need. It is an act of belief in a people who are passionate about advancing their community and an act of hope in a young and vibrant continent.
— Kevin Kambo, Strathmore University graduate, Kenya



Founded in 2007, Harambee USA Foundation is one of seven associate nations that make up Harambee International. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to promote international solidarity and cooperation with Sub-Saharan African countries.

Our two-fold mission is:

  • To support sustainable educational and developmental initiatives that help Africans help themselves.

  • To promote awareness-building programs for all ages which transmit the richness and complexity of African culture.


The Board members

Harambee USA Foundation is 100% staffed by volunteers. Our board members and volunteers comprise of enthusiastic professionals from diverse nationalities and educational backgrounds, fully dedicated to the Foundation’s mission and vision for the benefit of Africa.


Chairperson:  Chinwe Esimai
President:  Isabel Macalintal
Treasurer:  M.S. Corito Sevilla
Secretary:  Susan Trammell
Members:  Alice Benishyaka, Johanna Valiquette
Auxiliary members:  Marioxy Contreras, Terry Boyajian, Jane Mwangi