Meet our Current Scholars:



Aurelie is the youngest of nine children. Her father relies on a pension, which is inadequate to support a big family. She loves to read and has great empathy for others, particularly children. 


Benita is the fourth of six children. Her mother is a nurse and an inspiration to Benita because of her dedication to her profession and her determination to make a better life for her family.


Dorcas is the youngest of four kids. Her mother works for an electric company. Dorcas wants very much to become a nurse and needs scholarship funds to fulfill her dream.


Jocelyn is the oldest of six children. Her father is unemployed as a mechanic/driver and has to get by with whatever job comes along. Yet, Jocelyn is determined to achieve her goal of becoming a nurse.


Maxane is the daughter of a professor and has three brothers. She feels compassion towards the sick and knows that education will enable her to help them.