1. D.R. Congo – Forfait Mama
  2. D.R. Congo – Teacher Training Liziba School
  3. Botswana – Motse Motheo Nursing School

Democratic Republic of Congo

Mother Care Project

Local partner:  Hospital Monkole: Monkole currently cares for over 80,000 per year, 48,000 of whom are women, and 70% of them live in extreme poverty in the Mont-Ngafula district of Kinshasa.

Beneficiaries:  400 young women and their babies.

Harambee Contribution: 40.000 Euro.

Description: DR Congo comes near the bottom of the Index of Human Development, because of successive wars and epidemics, political instability, corruption and absence of opportunities for education. Maternal mortality, neonatal and infant mortality rates are the highest in the world: what health centres exist, do not have the personnel or equipment to help mothers and babies, and cannot afford to provide any later care. This project aims to lower the infant and maternal mortality rate by supporting three clinics (Eliba, Kimbondo and Moluka) working in remote and inaccessible areas.

The project includes:

  • Prenatal examinations for 400 young women
  • Malaria vaccination for 200 pregnant women
  • Anaemia treatment for 200 pregnant women
  • Providing resources for 100 natural births and 20 caesarians
  • Care of 40 newborns in the Neonatal Unit at Monkole.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Teacher Training in Liziba School

Local Partner: Association Africaine pour l’Education et l’Instruction –AFEDI.

Beneficiaries: 25 teachers and 250 pupils

Harambee Contribution: 40.000 Euro

Description: The Democratic Republic of the Congo has between 65 million and 81 million inhabitants. 10 million live in the capital, Kinshasa, of whom 40% are aged under 20. Education is therefore a priority, but the government does not have the resources to provide everything needed. There is a lack of infrastructure, teaching materials, and trained teachers.

This project aims to support Liziba School in bringing its teachers’ competences up to standard.

The project includes:

  • Training for 25 teachers
  • Improving the teaching and IT resources
  • Purchase of a bus to enable students to travel in to school


Motse Motheo Nursery school

Local Partner: Institute for the Family Trust – IFAM: IFAM sets up and runs schools in order to provide quality education working closely with pupils’ families.

Beneficiaries: In the first year: 27 children

Harambee Contribution: 20.000 Euro.

Description: IFAM sets up and runs schools in order to provide quality education working closely with pupils’ families.
Motse Motheo School aims to offer nursery schooling in Botswana in an atmosphere that will favour learning, play and exploration to develop their skills.

The project includes:

  • Building the classrooms
  • School equipment and educational materials
  • Training the teachers