1. Benin - After school program for primary school
  2. Cameroon - CEST  Training of teachers, and supply of books for school
  3. Kenya - Hospitality training in Kuruwitu
  4. Mozambique - "O Viveiro" Agricultural training
  5. Togo - New classrooms and laboratory


Education Strengthening Project for Children in Nima, Parakou

Promoter: Envol Afrique

Recipients: 100 students between the ages of 8 and 15

Harambee contribution: 10,000 Euros

Description: Thanks to Harambee’s contribution, the project will continue to support the after-school program created in 2012 by the “Envol Afrique” association. The after-school program gives children from Nima (a suburban neighborhood in the city of Parakou) the opportunity to improve their scholastic progress, thus favoring the prevention of criminal activities. Harambee’s contribution pays for teachers’ salaries, a new computer for teaching activities and text books for the library.


Supply of Educational materials for schools in the region of Hauts Plateaux

Promoter: CEST – Coalition Education et Sante pour Tous

Recipients: 5 schools (2,000 books)

Harambee contribution: 10,000 Euros

Description: The project is based on previous programs promoted by CEST and supported by Harambee to strengthen the quality of education in schools in the rural region of Hauts-Plateaux.  In a span of 2 years, 350 teachers were trained. The purpose of the project is to distribute 2,000 books to 5 schools and enable teachers to carry out the educational programs. About 40% of children are not able to read books and more than half have not had access to Math books.


Kibondeni College: Hotel training in Kuruwitu, in Kilifi County

Promoter: Kianda Foundation

Recipients: 90 girls each year for the hotel training courses and 200 women for the “Outreach programs”

Harambee contribution: 15,000 Euros

Description: The Tewa Training Center is a professional training center that was launched in 2012 by the Kianda Foundation.  The project is carried out in Kuruwitu, in Kilifi county. The goal of the training program is to reduce the level of poverty in the region by training young women in the hospitality field to make them better skilled and employable. The young girls are between ages 16 and 25. The Tewa training center also manages an “Outreach program” that offers local courses in nutrition, agriculture, sewing and literacy that benefits 200 women in the area.


Improving Professional Training of Disadvantaged Young People

Promoter: Strathmore Educational Trust

Recipients: 80 young people between 18 and 25 and two teachers

Harambe contribution: 15,000 Euros

Description: Harambee continues to support the new activities launched by the “Eastlands” project.  Strathmore Educational Trust established a Polytechnic institute which offers professional training in the Eastern area of Nairobi, which suffers from great social marginalization. The project covers equipment costs and the construction of a classroom inside the new complex that will house the school and provide staff training.


Businesses in Chitima, in the province of Tete

Promoter: O VIVEIRO TETE – Sonha com os Anjos

Recipients: 12 workers, 10 teachers and 30 students

Harambee contribution: 10,000 Euros

Description: The project offers training for young women interested in launching small agricultural business.  The project will be held at the “O Viveiro” Center in Chitimo, in the city of Tete, a homeless shelter set up by the O Vivero Tete Association. The center offers support for local girls who have experienced difficulties in school. The activities involve the school and local communities.


The Launching of the new “Centre Catholique de Formation Professionnelle Madre Agata Carelli”

Promoter: The Canossian Foundation

Recipients: 70 Togolese students between 13 and 19 years old, teachers from Europe

Harambe contribution: 20,000 Euros

Description: The current classrooms that make up the “Centre Catholique de Formation Professionnelle madre Agata Carelli” no longer suffice for all the admission requests for the various professional training courses. In order to accommodate the large demand, the project provides for the construction and furnishing of new classrooms and laboratories, the realization of exchange programs between Togolese and Italian teachers and students in preparation for recognition at the university level.