1. Benin - "Envol Afrique" extra-curricular activities in Parakou
  2. Kenya - Strathmore University partnership - training in electronics
  3. Nigeria - Education training
  4. D.R. Congo - Cecfor partnership - Liceiba high school and Bozindo center
  5. Sao Tome - Computer training
  6. Cameroon - Training of teachers
  7. Ivory Coast - Training courses for 300 young adults


Project to reinforce the instruction of children in Nima, Parakou

Promoter: Envol Afrique

Beneficiaries: 100 students between 8 and 15 years old

Contribution of Harambee: 13,704.30 euros

Description: Initiative of D. Romain Atekou, priest of Benin, parish priest in the diocese of Fiesole, in Italy. After visiting the city of Parakou with a group of volunteers Italians, promote the creation of a local NGO: "Envol Afrique", with the purpose of provide young people from a peripheral neighborhood of Parakou the opportunity to attend extracurricular activities to improve their performance and prevent crime and exploitation in field works


Project to improve the professional training of disadvantaged youth

Developer: Strathmore Educational Trust

Beneficiaries: 50 young people between 18 and 25 years old

Contribution of Harambee: 19,671.72 euros

Description: The project is developed in the city of Nairobi, aims to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged young people operating in informal sectors, through a training course in electronics. Activities include: assembly of a laboratory for training in electronics; two scholarships for the study specialization of 2 teachers; a short technical training course in electronics, and another one of learning of managements for the beginning of the activity at home and manual products for the update of micro entrepreneurs in the industry electronics.


Project to improve the quality of education in the public school

Promoter: Quality Assurance and Research Development Agency, Nigeria (QAAR-DAN)

Beneficiaries: 60 professors; 9,000 students from 30 public schools

Contribution of Harambee: 20,000 euros

Description: The objective is to improve the quality of teaching in public schools in Nigeria. It seeks to train 60 educators from 30 public schools in the States of Lagos, Anambra and Enugu. The project is supported by the "State Universal Basic Education Board ", the governing body of the education sector, which will help the QAARDAN in the choice of schools to intervene. The instruction is will concentrate on didactic and organizational methodology, tailored to the motivation of the educators. Given that each classroom will have an average of 60-70 students, planned to train the most outstanding students to collaborate in supporting the teacher during the lessons.

R. D. Congo

Support for the start-up of a middle school in Mitendi - Mont Ngafula

Developer: Cecfor

Beneficiaries: 100 students

Contribution of Harambee: 33,000 euros

Description: Its objective is to offer a greater number of children the possibility of frequenting school, and regularize the development of school activities, based on restructuring and equip two schools: Liceiba high school and the Bozindo center. Both are in Mont Ngafula, 30 km. of Kinshasa, in a marginal area where most of the population comes from other regions of the country, attracted by the hope of work in the capital, living in precarious settlements and in poor hygienic conditions. Cecfor, promoter of the project, maintains a stable relationship with the beneficiaries of the area.


Let's educate for the future.

Promoter: Canosiana Foundation

Beneficiaries: 50 educators and 5 employees; 540 children, 520 young people

Contribution of Harambee: 33,000 euros

Description: The project to be developed in the cities of Sâo Tomé and Santana consists of three Initiatives: 1) "A rhythm of" quality! "It will take place in the city of Sâo Tomé and foresees the training of 50 educators and 5 assistants. 2) "One more book? To dream more", in the city of Sâo Tomé, providing for the attendance of nearly 500 children at studies and food. 3) "A window open to the world" will take place in the City of Santana. The forecast is to train about 520 young people in computers. Activities that will be carried out by the Canosian Mothers that operate on the island from Sâo Tomé for almost 50 years.


Project to improve school performance of children in rural areas disadvantaged

Promoter: CEST (Coalition Education and Santé pour Tous)

Beneficiaries: 200 teachers

Contribution of Harambee: 10,000 euros

Description: Its objective is to improve the school performance of children in rural departments of the Haut-Plateaux and Logoni and Chari. In the Hauts-Plateaux region the training it will be developed in the Heinrich School; and in Logoni and Chari will be taught at the Liceo de Kousseri The main activity will be a training work of 25 hours for 200 teachers.

Ivory Coast

Project to improve the training of Ivorian women in the post war period

Promoter: Association Education et Dévelopment - EDE

Beneficiaries: 300 young people and 50 families.

Contribution of Harambee: 20,000 euros

Description: Its purpose is to help the young population displaced by the war, who lives in extreme poverty, with few possibilities of achieving an occupation due to its null training. The initiative includes a training course for 300 young people; the promotion of instruction for girls and specific support for 50 families. The acting will take place in Abidjan and Yamoussoukro, through the Yarani professional school (Abidjan) and the center for the integral development of Okassou women (Yamoussoukro). The project, moreover, is inserted in a broader program of national reconciliation promoted by the institutions after the conclusion of the recent conflict.