Dignity for women through professional training

Promoter Entity: Dignity Mozambique

Beneficiaries: 60 young women

Harambee’s Contribution: € 20,000

Description: Tete, in Mozambique, is one of the poorest and most vulnerable provinces. Dignity Mozambique is a non-profit organization committed to the promotion of the dignity of human work, through the professional training of young people, especially girls. The main training objective is to improve the economic and social conditions of the beneficiaries (learning group), assisting them to become active and productive as group members and leaders, with the goal of establishing, at the end of each workshop, small and medium-sized enterprises. The training also includes computer, management, economics, planning, communication. The project aims to facilitate the local trade of all the products marked "Dignity Made" and of craft production carried out respecting human dignity and rights in order to encourage the development of each person and of the whole community.

Activity: The project will offer professional training and employment opportunities to young women in the cities of Chitima and Tete through the creation of four craft workshops, focusing on carrying out restoration courses, in tailoring, drawing and painting, wood creations.